1. September A-frame. 85 degrees on the beach, 50 degrees in the water.

  2. Wind Map Shows Marie In The Pacific On Wednesday (Video Credit: http://earth.nullschool.net/)

    (Source: vine.co)

  3. Map Source> National Hurricane Center 

    Gotta love when tropical storms are named after classic Grateful Dead songs….. “Bertha don’t you come around here anymore” Here’s to waves for our Right Coast homies! 

  4. Map Source> Channel Islands surfboard label on a Robb Machado single fin model

    Always fun to slow things down and ride a single fun every now & again

  5. Map Source> Wanderlust IPA historic Oregon map graphic from Breakside Brewery in NE Portland


  6. Map Source> NOAA Nautical Chart, Columbia River to Harrington Point

    HMCS Oriel, Rose Festival Portland, Oregon

  7. Map Source> 1907 "The Americana "; Editor-in-Chief Frederick Converse Beach, Managing Editor George Edwin Rines, Published by Scientific American Compiling Dep’t, New York.

    Centro America, a historical perspective. Cool insets of the Panama Canal and Southern Nica!

  8. Maybe in 3030 #aprilfools #prehistoric

  9. #ripcity

  10. Certainly going to miss this Winter